Coraline Ribière

Digital nomad

Freelance web communication specialist, I’ll assist you with your communication project

je suis coraline et je m'occupe de votre projet en communication

" Since 2018, I'm serving your communication project."

I studied event management and communication, but life made me progressively turn to web design and web communication.

My personal and professionals projects made me developed and acquired new competences. I’m more and more interested in CSS & HTML web integration and I’m now learning Javascript, in order to become front-end FullStack developer.

I love to travel and to discover. That’s why I’m nomad, since 2019. I’m fluently talking French, English and Spanish and I’m learning Catalan. I’m leaving in Colombia and I’m already thinking about my new destinations.

I’ll be glad to talk to you, via email or WhatsApp to learn more about you and your project, and to think about solutions.

Tell me more about your project ! I’ll replied to you in maximum 2 working days.