based on your needs

I am web communication specialist since 2018. I create web communication tools fitting to your needs.

I can serve your company around the 4 principal domains in web communication.


Branding & graphism

This is a key part in web communication. I assist you to create your branding image. Creating your branding, it’s thinking about the way you want the clients to remind you. The branding identity is made of different components which need to be consistent during the lifetime of your company or service.

Online, and for your communication, in a general matter, the branding identity refers to :

  • create a logo that can be easily recognise and fits with your activity
  • define the design lines of your brand for your communication to be consistent on every medias
  • create basic communication medias for your collaborators  (business cards, email signature, marketing objects/gifts, etc)

Web content

A good web communication also needs good text contents. To stand out on web search engines as Google, it’s really important to propose an interesting content. But you also need to write fulfilling the SEO rules. This allow your content to be great and lisible for your users, and efficient on the search engines.

This is the reason why I offer you my services in the way to improve the referral of your website, while keeping flow and coherence for your users.

Web site audit
recommandations seo
Advice documents
rédaction SEO
SEO content writting


To get a clear and impacting website is a must have in web communication. Create a website or refresh it will allow you to get new customers.

I help you to create a website fitting your branding identity and your company, to highlight your products or services. Landing page, regular website or e-shop, I’ll help you to create a trending and intuitive website.

Let’s work together to create unique templates to keep your clients’ attention and a clear structure to get results. A landing page, or a regular website, presenting a service won’t get the same goals than an e-shop selling products. I’ll assist to analyse your needs in order to create a website fitting your goals and your budget.

audit de site web
Web design audit
Templates designing
HTML & CSS integration
Full creation of WordPress websites

Sustainable marketing and business advising

With near than 3 years of experience in zero waste, I earned strong knowledges in the domain of sustainable products and green marketing.

I’ll work by your side to help you to create a more sustainable communication strategy and to use better selling methods. I’ll help you to find the best medias (communication medias, packaging, etc) and to adopt working and communicating methods fitting your values.

Web & print communication

Web communication is not only creating a website. It’s following your company daily in a global strategy to promote your brand and your products.

Web communication will be everywhere in the life of your clients and visitors through a variety of medias : social networks, marketing emails, advertisement, etc…

I’ll bring you my experience in web communication in all those domains that will help your clients to remind you even after visiting your office or your website. I’ll help you to create a communication strategy on your social medias and to prepare your marketing emails. I’ll prepare your posts for your social medias and your newsletters. I’ll also create your printed marketing mediums : posters, flyers, stickers and others mediums to display on your store/office or to put in your orders. I’ll help you to chose the good mediums related to your clients and I’ll create the templates and the printing files.

Web marketing strategy
Social medias post & newsletters
Conception of physical marketing mediums