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In cooperation with Happy Dev PACA

Le Congrès EFT

France | November 2020

  • SEO friendly content writing to create an informative page about EFT. This page is supposed to be a tool for visitors to discover EFT and easily learn to practice it
  • Creation of infographics  to help the visitors to learn EFT practice [Adobe Illustrator]

France | October 2020 - Today

  • Logo creation [Adobe Illustrator]
  • Creation and configuration of the website, work in progress [Wordpress]
  • Creation of illustrations to enhance the pages [Adobe Illustrator]
  • Creation of a smart search form [JS] – [Coming soon]

In cooperation with Les Canumériques

France | August 2020 - September 2020

  • SEO friendly writing content. Redaction of the main pages to integrate the key words chosen by the SEO specialist who was working on the project
  • Templates creation to integrate the content in the website, considering the brand graphic charter [Figma]

Colombia | July 2020 - September 2020

Unfortunately, the project of this company didn’t release. The website is no longer available. I invite you to have a look on the video below which presents the welcome page.

  • Logo creation [Adobe Illustrator]
  • Creation and configuration of the brand website [Wordpress]
  • Creation of illustrations to enhance the pages [Adobe Illustrator]
Logo elyssa servicios digitales inmobiliaria 200px coraline ribière

Colombia | June 2020 - Now

  • Logo update for the website and the mobile app [Adobe Illustrator]
  • Website update. I made a complete new design for the website, add further pages of content [Wordpress]
  • Website maintenance
Logo SIB startin blox coraline ribière

France | December 2019 - Now

  • Redaction work for an investors presentation in PDF format. Content redaction in French and English
  • Redaction of a memo about interoperability in order to present it to French senators
  • Redaction and diffusion of a monthly newsletter to communicate with investors and supporters in order to diffuse actualities about the project [Mailchimp]
logo happy dev france coraline ribière

France | October 2019 - Now

  • Press Relationships. Spreading of a press release to high-tech and business magazines and newspapers
  • Event organization with a freelances team. Managing an event for the 5th birthday (September 2020) of the brand in France. Planification,  communication, management, tickets selling…
logo happy dev lyon coraline ribière

Happy Dev Lyon

France | April 2019 - Now

  • Redaction and distribution of a weekly newsletter to engage with the community. Internal communication to share current news and events about the network [Mailchimp]
  • Events organization. Creation and diffusion of further events and workshops to stimulate the community [Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup]
  • Creation of a new visual identity and a brand new website with a team of freelances, work still in progress
  • Redaction of a communication plan for a client. The goal was to give ideas to the client to improve his digital communication on social networks, and improve his marketing strategy to get more customers

Occasional clients

France | September 2018 - Now

  • Maria Letorey : creation of a landing page to present the services and schedule appointements for a psychologist [Wordpress] – June 2020
  • Coup de pouce pour la planète : creation of a visual identity (logo + professional cards + email signature) and creation of a landing page in order to present the service and get contacts [Wordpress, Adobe Illustrator] – December 2019
  • Vorscine : reconstruction of the website based on a design given by the client – July 2019
  • Eco Reso : community management and content redaction for the blog. Redaction of a press presentation. [Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Indesign] – Nov 2018 to March 2019
  • Lydie Baffreau : reconstruction of the website after a changing of page builder, creation of new pages and occasional maintenance – Sept 2018 to June 2019

France | May 2018 - Now

  • Community management. Content creation (pictures, videos, illustrations) and community animation [Instagram, Facebook]
  • Webdesign. Creation and management of the shop [Wordpress]
  • Products management. Creation of products pages, pictures, stock management
  • Marketing. Organisation of contest, creation of specific products, use of marketing strategies and tools in order to follow metrics and improve the number of orders. Newsletter campaings [Analytics, Google Shopping, Google Business, Add words, Mailchimp]
  • Press Relationship. Redaction of press release and press presentations. Spreading to targeted journalists
  • Content redaction. Redaction of all the content in order to improve the SEO rate, redaction of blog articles
  • Customer service